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Possible Sighting of Cape Verde Shearwater Off Maryland


"Paul A. Guris"



Mon, 23 Oct 2006 21:57:46 -0400

This post is a little out of area, but I thought it might be of  
interest to birders in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A possible Cape Verde Shearwater was observed on a See Life Paulagics  
trip out of Lewes, DE on Saturday, October 21.  The bird was seen off  
of Maryland, just inside the tip of the Baltimore Canyon.

I'm currently soliciting opinions from seabird enthusiasts on the  
identification of this bird.  Those comments along with pictures and  
my written description can be seen at:

There is a link to the page in the middle of the announcement box on  
the home page, and also in the left-hand navigation frame.

Full totals for the trip will be posted soon on the Maryland and  
Delaware list-servers.


Paul A. Guris
See Life Paulagics
P.O. Box 161
Green Lane, PA  18054