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Re: Binoculars Advice


"Bell, Tyler"


Bell, Tyler


Fri, 27 Oct 2006 12:19:54 -0400

Speaking of Cape May, this is their 60th Fall Weekend. There will be virtually every optics vendor on display at the convention center near the historic district as well as the CMBO store near the lighthouse. It's best to field test a pair of binoculars before purchase as optics are a highly personal choice. Also, gas at Rio Grande, just north of Cape May, was $1.899 last weekend!

Tyler Bell

California, MD

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> I have looked at Nikon Monarchs and find them to be excellent optically,
> fully waterproof, and close focusing.   They come in 8X42 (21.1 oz.),
> 10X42 (21.5 oz.) and 8X36 (19.8 oz.) and can be purchased from ABA for
> under $300.
> If you want to see them first, I know they are sold by the Cape May Bird
> Observatory at a similar price.
> Paul O'Brien
> Rockville, Mont. Co., MD
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> > A friend, who is a casual birder, is looking for advice on buying new
> > binoculars.  Here's his message.  What do you think?  Reply either
> > privately to me, or on the list.