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Fort Smallwood on Sunday


"Strobel, Warren"


Strobel, Warren


Mon, 27 Aug 2007 18:12:12 -0400

	Had a lovely afternoon at Fort Smallwood, AA County, on Sunday 8/26 from roughly 3:30pm-6:30pm with Lisa, my 15-year-old son Adam and Ross Geredien. After a slow start, the four of us did quite well....

	The central pond held more egrets and herons than I have ever seen, including:

	_ Tricolored Heron, still present.
	_ At least 2 immature Little Blue Herons, and 1 adult Little Blue.
	_ 2-3 Snowy Egrets
	_ Roughly 20 Great Egrets
	_ several Great Blue Heron
	Along the beach we had:

	_ A half-dozen Forster's Terns in non-breeding plumage
	_ At least 2 Caspian Terns, including one calling.
	_ Possible, but unconfirmed Royal Tern
	_ 4 gull species: GBBG, American Herring, Laughing and Ring-Billed
	_ 3 Killdeer, including 1 immature, in parking lot near the water
	Passerines included:

	_ Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher
	_ American Redstart
	_ Male Baltimore Oriole, great looks, still in very bright plumage. The star of the day!
	_ Gray Catbird heard.

	Other misc species included Osprey still at nest, American Black Duck, one Ruby-Throated Hummer, Spotted Sandpiper and Chipping Sparrow. Total species count was 40, including 2 lifers (Caspian Tern and Tricolored Heron) for young Adam.

	Good birding!
    Warren & Lisa Strobel 
    Annapolis, MD