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CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD: North Beach, Calvert County 10/21


Jim Stasz



Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:12:32 EDT

Hi Folks!

Just before  6 PM I discovered a CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD feeding at the 
Pineapple Sage in my yard.  I took some video to document it.  It may sticvk for a 
while.  I have 5 large Pineapple Sages in bloom and a few Blue-black Sage and a 
feeder.  It is not an adult male.  The forehead is yellow from all of the 
pollen from the flowers.

I will check again tomorrow moring before I head off for work.

As before, when the Rufous was here, I will set out some chairs and a 

Good Birding!

Jim Stasz
9119 Bay Avenue
North Beach MD

ps: Dave Holmes or Bruce Peterjohn.....visit whenever you get a chance.

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