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Eastern Shore 11/28 -- 11/29/08


Jim Brighton


Jim Brighton


Sun, 30 Nov 2008 19:21:52 -0500

Saturday morning Tom Field, Bill Hubick, and myself birded the entry road
into Eastern Neck NWR.  The morning flight was constant most of the early
morning.  We were soon joined by Jim Green and after the gate opened we
searched for the Western Kingbird but came up empty.  Highlights from
Eastern Neck include:

Surf Scoters
Virginia Rail -- 1
Marsh Wren -- 1
Pine Siskin -- 3 (morning flight)
Purple Finch -- (morning flight Hubick only)
White-winged Crossbill -- 2  (First bird heard only.  Second bird seen well
in flight by Brighton, Hubick)

On the way out of the refuge we ran into Hans Holbrook and his girlfriend
Angela who had seen both a Cave and a Barn Swallow at the John Hanson WWTP
in Chestertown earlier in the morning.  We stopped at the ponds but saw
nothing of interest.

Our next stop was Tanyard, where Dunlin and Snipe recorded.

Choptank held nothing of interest.

Hurlock WWTP held a large flock of Snow Geese.  With a bit of effort two
Ross' Geese were found.

Jim Green split company with us at Hurlock and the rest of the crew headed
to Ironshire/Evans Roads in Worcester County where we met John Hubbel to
search for longspurs.  Although Horned Larks were found no longspurs were
heard or seen.

We then headed to George's Island Landing for dusk hoping to see Short-eared
Owls.  As night fell no owls were observed but a few Black-crowned
Night-Herons were seen.

Mark Hoffman was nice enough to let us crash at his house in OC and we spent
an enjoyable evening talking with Jim Stasz And Mark who entertained the
younger crowd with great Maryland birding anecdotes from days past.

First thing this morning we headed to the inlet.  Highlights included:

King Eider -- 1
Common Eider -- 1
Harlequin Duck -- 1
Black Scoter -- 2
Purple Sandpipers -- 28

Hubbel, Hubick, Field, and myself then decided to bird the lower Worcester
County Landings.  Truitt's and Scott's Landing held nothing of note except a
Virginia Rail at Truitt's and Greater Yellowlegs (8) at Truitt's as well.

We then headed to the Wicomico waterfront along the Nanticoke.  Highlights

Horned Grebe -- 2
Common Goldeneye -- 4
Surf Scoters -- many

After searching the Nanticoke we did some field birding in Dorchester
hitting Indiantown Road and the Rhodesdale area where we found some nice
lark flocks but no buntings or longspurs.

After Rhodesdale John Hubbel went north into Caroline County and the rest of
the crew travelled down to Elliot's Island where Bill spotted a close
stationary American Bittern that posed for a few photos.  Eight Fox Sparrows
were observed in one of the Pine Hammocks in the marsh.

We ended the day at Kingston Landing in Talbot County along the Choptank
River where nothing of interest was seen.

Jim Brighton
Easton, MD