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More Dorchester Night Atlasing 6/15


"Lovelace Glen (DelDOT)"


Lovelace Glen (DelDOT)


Thu, 16 Jun 2005 10:30:53 -0400

Hello All,
	Last night between 9-11 PM, I made a return night atlasing visit to several blocks in northeastern Dorchester County (with some overlap of those blocks into DE).

Sharptown NW:
-Matts Rd (DE) failed to reproduce the Screech owl heard 2 weeks ago.
-Bowman Rd (DE) - added Whip and Chuck (both new for the block)
-Quail Rd (DE) - another Whip at the north end

Sharptown CW:
-several stops on Quail Rd and Woodland Church Rd (DE) and the outfall of Galestown pond (MD) were all silent.  This area has been frustratingly devoid to night birds this year, but has been quite good at times in the past.  No obvious habitat change.

Rhodesdale CE:
-Jones Thicket Rd - 4 Chucks among 3 stops for an upgrade to probable.  Could not re-produce the Screech Owl heard previously.  The Indiantown Rd pig farm was in fine form.

Rhodesdale NE:
-Puckum Rd - stopped 0.6 miles south of Puckum Branch hoping to re-produce Barred Owl.  No luck there, but who cared.  I was met with a chorus of Whips (3 or 4 birds), a Chuck and a Screech Owl (new species for block).  A quarter mile up the road was another Chuck and another Screech Owl.  At the branch was an additional Chuck.

Rhodesdale NW:
-sharp corner of Wesley Rd - 2 Chucks and a Whip, both for upgrades to probable.  I also had a visit from a state trooper.  I was driving along slow, pulling off the side of the road and turning my lights off.  All suspicious of a drunk driver in his eyes.  Instead it was some nut out listening for birds in the middle of the night.  He was very nice about it and went on his way.

Good birding,
Glen Lovelace III
Seaford, DE