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Sparrows et al on Assateague


"Hoffman, Mark"


Hoffman, Mark


Sun, 22 Oct 2006 13:31:53 -0400

From the field:  a very nicely plumaged Lark Sparrow (my 3rd of the season) around the parking area for the Ocean Side Camping area (AINS), sites 86-104.  Found by Hoffman, twitched by Hafner, Stasz, Hubick, Hollbrook, Boyd, et al (a.k.a. the usual cast of characters).

Best sparrow of the day, however, was flock of 5 House Sparrows at Bayside/Point in the am - perched and circling. Only my third record for the island.

Lots of myrtles, other warblers are redstart, Black-throated Blue, parula,  Blackpoll, yellowthroat and Palm, in very small numbers.

Mark Hoffman
Sykesville, MD