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Re: Bluebirds


"Wickline, Raymond (MPD)"


Wickline, Raymond (MPD)


Mon, 12 Mar 2007 10:55:00 -0400

We just put up our first Bluebird house this weekend. As new BB
homeowners, we were worried about attracting tenants, specially since we
had only seen one Bluebird on the property. All fears were quickly
dispatched when, a few hours later, there were 4 bluebirds squabbling
over who got to go in first! A quick trip to the hardware store for
lumber, and hopefully we will have a few more units up this week.


Raymond E. Wickline

DC at work

Middletown Md at home



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A pair of bluebirds was checking out the bluebird house underneath our
back deck this morning ...


Franz Hespenheide

Gaithersburg, MD