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Ocean City....


"Steven T. Sapperstein"


Steven T. Sapperstein


Sun, 11 Mar 2007 23:34:28 -0400

Just  magnificent weather in OC this weekend. Had a few minutes on Saturday 
and Sunday to check out the inlet, the bay. 
Loons, Scoters, Long tail ducks, Gulls, In the bay, Brant, Mergs, and loons, a 
to far to ID>  the mergs, loons and brant are going into breeding plumage.
I did not see a murre> although i dreamed of a mermaid. 

Coming home on Sunday eveing, was eagle heaven. We are heading west on 
rt. 50. Just east of Salibury, and east of White Richardson rd. out in the field 
one bald eagle,,,, eating, looked like maybe a rabbit.  Then I saw some cloud 
like movement about 1/2 mile behind the eagle, drove north to Old Ocean City 
Rd. I estimated 100-200,000+ grackles. My friend suggested 3 acres of 

2nd eagle west of Trappe md. in the field by the Trappe Grainery. 
wow, eagles gallour.

Steve Sapperstein