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Re: Cold Botton Rd. Farm?






Mon, 12 Mar 2007 09:51:21 +0000

Hi all,

Yesterday after work I went out in search of the Eurasian Wigeon that was 
reported on Cold Bottom Rd.

I drove all the way on Cold Bottom, and near the intersection of Cold Bottom 
and Yeoho, there was a farm with two ponds.  Is this the spot where the 
Wigeon was seen?  If so, how does/did one see it?

There was no place to pull over and stop, nor was I going to boldly drive 
into the driveway.  I didn't want to stop in the road and pull out my scope, 
so i kept going up Yeoho, thinking there might be a place to pull over and 
stop there.  There wasn't.

So I kept going until I got to Prettyboy Dam.  I got out three different 
times to look at the reservoir, which is still partially frozen.  All I saw 
was a few Mallards, some Canada Geese, a handfull of Common Nergs 
(beautiful!), and a couple of Turkey Vultures.

On my way back Cold Bottom Rd., I did see a solitary American Kestrel.  This 
was the first Kestrel I've seen in Maryland that I didn't have to drive for 
hours to see!  I then hit the NCR trail in Sparks, and there wasn't much.  I 
did get to watch several Eastern Bluebirds playing with me.  One had nesting 
matter that it was carrying to somewhere.  There were also some Titmice and 
White-throats as well.

Next, it was on to Phoenix Rd., where I discovered a great spot to bird over 
the trees.  Here, I had Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, and a Northern 
Mockingbird.  On to the pond, which was also partially frozen and birdless.  
I did have a Red-bellied Woodpecker on the bike path.

After this, I decided to go home, as it was well after 5:30, and I was 
hungry.  I had about 25 species on the day, nothing new for the year though.

Good birding,

>Subject: [MDOSPREY] Loch Raven Res. and Balto Co.
>Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 12:30:51 -0500

>On route to the farm pond on Cold Bottom Rd., I saw a pair of Eastern 
>Phoebe on Yeoho Rd but no Wigeon of any kind on the farm pond.
>Debbie Terry
>Timonium, MD - Balto. Co.

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