Mid-Atlantic Rarities Gadget Hotspot Finder

eBird was launched in 2002 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. It functions as an online checklist program and provides users and ornithologists with rich details on bird abundance and distribution. Ebird has become ingrained in the Maryland birding culture and has now become one of the best methods to find out where birds are being seen across the state. The MD Rarity Gadget (to the right) provides 1-hour lagged notifications of all rare and notable birds submitted to eBird the last 5 days. Locations/Checklists are clickable and will provide you even more details on birds currently being seen around the state. The links below will also take you to some of the most widely used features of eBird, including bar-chart frequency distribution of all birds ever ebirded in MD and a list of the most prolific eBird users.

Maryland Bar Charts
Maryland Top 100
MD Rare
Range Maps

Additionally, if you wish to view the gadget on your phone while in the field I recommend bookmarking the following page MDBirding Mobile.